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Pilfers - S/T LP

Image of Pilfers - S/T LP


Most supergroups are like the NFL probowl, tons of name recognition, but no real reason to pay any attention. This was absolutely not the case with NYC's Pilfers. Featuring ex-Toasters Coolie Ranx (who also managed to perform guest vox on seemingly every 3rd wave bands album in the late 90’s), Bim Skala Bim's Vinny Nobile on co-lead vocals and trombone, the rythm section from NYC's Skinnerbox: Anna Milat-Meyer, on bass & drummer James Blanck, and guitarist Nick Bacon from The Erratics. This band pioneered a reggae/ska/punk hybrid unlike anything that had come before. Their self released album is simply a masterpiece which stands as one of the brightest moments of the 90's Ska Revival, and the combination of two of the genre's most enigmatic frontmen made their live show unbelievable.


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