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Super Secret Giant Box o' Stuff!

Image of Super Secret Giant Box o' Stuff!


So we have all kinds of stuff, and you guys like stuff. Soooo we stuffed the stuff into some boxes and we're going to send It to you!

What you get!
A wonderful Asbestos Records Tshirt
A bunch of vinyl records! At least 5! Mostly asbestos releases, some 12"s, some 7"s, and maybe some other cool stuff we have laying around from our distro or friends labels!
CDs - we'll toss in a bunch of these for use in your car stereo or as colorful coasters on your coffee table!
Other stuff! stickers! pins! patches! god knows what else!

we'll also be tossing some super rare records, test presses and other fun stuff into random boxes.. so its like the lottery.. only your relatives won't bother you for your winnings!


  • Tshirt Size Small - 80% in stock
  • Tshirt Size Medium - 0% in stock
    Sold Out
  • Tshirt Size Large - 40% in stock