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River City Extension - and the Unmistakable Man 2xLP

Image of River City Extension - and the Unmistakable Man 2xLP


In late 2009 River City Extension hit the studio to record their first LP named The Unmistakable Man . The band along with Eric Sanderson of the Brooklyn based band Pela, spent the next few months working in the studio perfecting each song. The plan was to release an album that would allow the listener to experience a story from start to finish, whatever their interpretation would be. The Unmistakable Man delivers immense and precisec orchestration, and is reflective of their energetic live show, this music will stand the test of time.

"Though from the Jersey Shore, River City Extension boasts a welcome worldly sound. Hints of the classic "Jersey Shore sound" (pioneered by Bruce Springsteen and Southside Johnny And The Asbury Jukes) color their songs, yet the band borrows liberally from Americana, mariachi, blues and calypso to create a compellingly distinct hybrid all their own."
- Alternative Press

“Think of it like this: if Beck, The Avett Brothers, and the Sex Pistols got caught in a toxic ooze, mutating them into a single musical entity, you’d be left with River City Extension.”
- Eastern Surf Magazine

"River City Extension sing about all the timeless things: religion, love and death, with just as much forlornness. As Joe Michelini dons his Christopher-Nolan’s-Joker-sings-Bright-Eyes voice and the rest of the 8 member troupe take up everything from trumpets to cellos, the group faces intense pressure to produce something emotional, something witty - something good."

"Singer, songwriter and de facto bandleader Joe Michelini conveys both the deeply personal and universal equally well in whispers and shrieks. Although he would likely shy away from the comparison, not since Springsteen's "The Wild, The Innocent and The E Street Shuffle" has a New Jersey songwriter written such a thrilling testimonial to youthful idealism-- victorious, romantic and majestic."
- Asbury Park Press

1st pressing
Black Viny l- limited to 100 copies (mailorder only!)
White Vinyl - Limited to 400 copies

2nd pressing
Clear Vinyl with Black Smoke - limited to 100 copies
White w/Blue Smoke & Blue w/Black Smoke - limited to 400 copies

Sold Out