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Hello fellow music fan!


Thank you for taking the time to check out our site, and hopefully leave with a few new records in your collection. We just have a couple reasonable requests for you the buyer to agree to before we do business together:


1)      Patience is a virtue – I know it’s a difficult concept in this world of immediate gratification, but seeing as you’re buying vinyl records we’ll assume you shun that anyways. The label is run by a few people out of a bedroom, these people have full time jobs, families, bands, puppies, kitties, and kids.  So sometimes life gets in the way and things don’t ship immediately…  conservatively 95% of in stock items ship within a few days.. but if you haven’t heard from us.. just drop a line and we’ll check on it for you… occasionally one slips through the cracks, or a box gets left on the desk, and we’ll get that fixed for you.


2)      Preorders – they sometimes take longer than planned. With this new fad of everyone putting out vinyl, the few remaining plants get jammed up and things get pushed back. But don’t fret.. we’ve been doing this for 15+ years…. And we’re not going to take your money and run and ruin our reputation over $20.



3)      Your Shipping Address – please make sure its correct in paypal… and if you plan on moving.. put in an address of somewhere you can safely get your records from. Paypal requires us to ship to the address you requested in the order, and they don’t accept subsequent emails with different addresses in their protection policy.


4)      Incidental Damage – part of ordering vinyl through the mail is the risk of corner dings or seam splits. We will gladly ship the record outside of the jacket if you request… but these minor damages are part of the game. We pack all of our records with extra cardboard, and the vast majority get their safe. Also … if your mail gets left on the porch during the summer months.. have the record sent somewhere (work, a friend, etc) where its not going to sit in the sun all day, and then yoy get pissed that its warped. Obviously if the post office just decides to snap the damn thing in half drop us a line and we’ll figure something out.



5)      Have fun! – its just records guys, no reason to get your blood pressure up over a corner ding, or an order coming in a few days late. We love our customers, and love putting out records for you.. but honestly if you’re going to be a dick about minor stuff.. you’re probably not a person we want to deal with..  We do this as a hobby, because we love it, and we enjoy it… and we don’t want to lose that joy because of one dude trying to ruin the party. So be cool, and everything will get worked out!