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Chewing on Tinfoil - Marrowbone Lane LP

Image of Chewing on Tinfoil - Marrowbone Lane LP


Finally this absolutely beautiful record will see a proper release stateside. Maturing from their more ska roots, this Irish band put together a beautiful sing-a-long punk rock record in the vein of Gaslight Anthem, Frank Turner, Bouncing Souls, and a little bit of Weezer thrown in there, but still enough tinges of their ska past to keep their old fans happy, and even guest vocals from Stza of Leftover Crack/Choking Victim.

Honestly an absolutely perfect record originally released digitally on Jeff Rosenstock's Quote Unquote Records... you can still listen to it here ---->

131 on Green
346 on Purple Vinyl


  • Purple Vinyl - 86% in stock
  • Green Vinyl - 35% in stock