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Too Much Joy - We are/are not The Clash 7"

Image of Too Much Joy - We are/are not The Clash 7"


NY's 80s/90s cult favorite alt-rock band Too Much Joy returns for a 2 track single... side one covering "We are the Clash", and then refuting it on the B-side with their new track " we are not the clash". Frequently compared to acts like They Might Be Giants. Dead Milkmen, and Barenaked Ladies this band infamously got arrested for covering 2 Live Crew Songs live to protest the rap act's arrest, was detained by the secret service for threatening to strangle Bill Clinton for human rights violations, and still managed to collab with hip hop legend KRS-1. I highly suggest you grab a copy of the Side One Dummy reissued "Cereal Killers" which is just a perfect quirky power pop record.


  • Green vinyl - 4% in stock
  • blue vinyl - 64% in stock