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2023 Asbestos Records Subscription Club

Image of 2023 Asbestos Records Subscription Club


we have a HUGE year ahead of us with roughly 20 releases coming in process already! So we want to offer you all a chance to get in on the rarest variants of all of our records at a big discount for supporting us, and believing in our impeccable taste in music.

here's how it works:

you'll get our next 10 or 20 releases as they come out, and you'll be guaranteed the rarest version we have in stock in our store at time of release. There will be some club exclusive colors as well. (double albums count as 2, 7" count as half a record) . we have some insane releases coming out including a good mix of reissues from amazing ska/punk/hardcore bands, a couple reprints we've been working on for years, some new releases from great bands, and some completely off the wall surprises. Basically if you're a fan of the type of releases we've done for the past near decades you'll be more than stoked..


  • Next 10 Records Sub - 92% in stock
  • Next 20 Records Sub - 72% in stock